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Papa Octopus Productions

About Us

Papa Octopus Productions is a fully in house entertainment production company. It was founded by CEO Kevin Makely and CFO Shawn Nightingale, both have worked in the entertainment industry their entire lives and their hard work and love for film goes into every single project first hand. Papa Octopus Productions products are made with the true cinephile in mind.

The Team

The People of POP

Kevin Headshot 1_edited_edited.jpg
Kevin Makely


Shawn Nightingale 4_edited_edited.jpg
Shawn Nightingale


Jennifer Ambrose_edited.jpg
Jennifer Ambrose

Producer/Legal Counsel

Scott Lobdell 1_edited.jpg
Scott Lobdell


Mike Tang (2)_edited.jpg
Mike Tang


Idan Working_edited.jpg
Idan Menin

Director of Photography

Mark Todd Osborne

Senior Colorist/Founder @ MTO Color inc.

Jared 3.JPG
Jared Forman

Music Composer

Danny Knutson.png
Danny Knutson

Sound Design

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